The uniqueness of a complete and innovative line.

- PRESIDENT is an innovative and complete line that offers a solution for every specific oral hygiene need.

- It is composed by a huge selection of toothpastes, mouthwashes, gels, sprays, dental flosses, toothbrushes and interdentalbrushes. PRESIDENT is divided in nine lines, each one characterized by one color. The color is a distinctive element that allows the consumer to identify the most suitable solution for the needs of the moment.
- Moreover, PRESIDENT offers focused formulations with a calibrated relative dentin abrasivity (RDA) index and high funtional active concentrations, therefore high performance products.

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The Italian taste and culture in dermocosmetics and personal care In line with the transformations of its sector, BETAFARMA has been able to successfully meet the challenges of the cosmetic industry, with the goal to bring Italian taste and culture in dermocosmetics and personal care to an ever increasing number of consumers looking for effective and safe products. Ever since BETAFARMA was founded in 1971 as a research laboratory, it has been able to gain and consolidate the trust of a large and diversified clientele, establishing itself as a cosmetic company with a global reach and capable of meeting different needs. The know-how generated over the years has been funnelled into the creation of professional oral care solutions, several lines of face & body dermocosmetics and baby care products, including patented formulae. BETAFARMA has its roots in the activity of the internal R&D lab, which relies on a proactive collaboration with suppliers and universities institutions, as well as the constant reference to the main sources of the international scientific literature and market trends. The solid professional rigour consolidated in nearly 50 years is integrated with a scientific marketing approach, always attentive to valid and innovative solutions.