Chamomile, Marigold, Schisandra, a derivative of liquorice and phytosterols have a soothing and calming effect, and improve the protective barrier, four vegetable oils for skin health. Vitamin E is the powerful antioxidant.

Suitable in case of skin dull due to stress, fatigue and lack of sleep, exposure to blue light and pollution, after a day in the sun, before or after shaving, after hair removal, for a facial massage with jade roller also, on hands and cuticles, for original make- up effects, for regenerating, illuminating and soothing masks.
Complexion looks healthy and brighter; skin feels protected and soothed.
Excellent base for makeup.
It can be used alone, before, after or mixed with SuperHydra Comfort Cream or Day And Night BioRevitalizing Cream

Skin Care
I passionately created Bonjour La Vie in 2014, after suddenly facing a skin allergy and irritation problem. I tried so many products during my life and every time I liked one, something was always missing. And more, they caused me that trouble