OSMO WALL – With Osmotized Water

Good hydration is the basis of any beauty’s treatment. Water is the tissues and skin essential element : only the good water presence in a certain quantity guarantees the correct skin functioning.
When the skin water level decrease, there is a water deficit and a desquamation rate alteration that can cause serious skin’s problems. If this mechanism is damaged there is a greater water trans-epidermal loss and the result is a dry, rough and tense skin.
Several factors influence the skin’s dehydration: advancing age, the external environment aggressions, stress, and a wrong feeding style. The skin has its own mechanisms and structures to prevent water loss, but, under certain conditions, these may not be enough.
The Corneum Stratum (the skin outermost layer) is a constant renewal to protect the body from the environment. This protective action takes place both outward and inward through:
• Skin Barrier: consisting in an intercellular lipids. They Protects our body versus the external aggressions and water loss.
• NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor): is a mix of components with the ability to hold water molecules.
To re-establish a correct level of skin hydration, two different methods are normally used:
• add functional ingredients that simulate the action of NMF and/or Skin Barrier.
• stimulate the appropriate and natural skin hydration mechanisms.
In the first case an immediate hydration is obtained. In the second a structural improvement of the epidermis through a natural mechanism. All this actions could be translate into a deep and lasting moisturizing action.
The exclusive WaterWall Pro Tech complex, characterizing the OsmoWall products element was studied in our laboratories, promoting the skin’s hydration, stimulating the natural protective processes by inside:
• Regulates the process of desquamation and cell renewal.
• Strengthens the mechanisms and elements of the barrier function.
• The skin recovers the normal hydration and appears smoother, brighter, young and vital.
• Gives a feeling of comfort and well-being.
Moreover, specific in Vitro Studies document how:
• Increases the production of Filaggrin and Involucrin
• Triples the levels of Ceramides
• Improves cellular cohesion
And in Vitro Studies also attest that:
• Increases the percentage of hydration
• Decreases the percentage of TEWL (Transepidermal water loss)
• Decreases roughness and anisotropy

The Pro Tech brand identifies the exclusive molecules Complex, studied and realized in our laboratories.
Technological and designed to dose and maximize the effect of the components present in the formulations.
Tested and verified in order to guarantee the highest standards of safety and quality.
UltraFill ProTech
Visibly reduces the wrinkles lenght and depth thanks to the optimal combination of an innovative molecular compound with a natural extract.
Stimulates lipid’s synthesis and storage generating a remodeling Lipo-Filling effect.

TimePlus ProTech
Based on an innovative three-dimensional hydrocolloid matrix. Active on the corneum cutaneous layer due to regulate the hydration (immediate/lasting result).

Repeat System
Tailored Beauty. REPEATX…SYSTEM defines the timing and the optimal duration of each complete treatment, measures the dosage and eliminating the waste. Single-use packaging. “On Airplane” Friendly.

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