Oxidation color which, thanks to its formulation based on regenerating vegetable substances, soothes the effects of common dyes, leaving the hair very shiny and soft. Contains emollient and moisturizing herbal extracts:
NETTLE - strengthening and regenerating
COLTSFOOT - emollient and purifying
ALPINE YARROW - soothing and sebum-balancing
ROSEMARY - toning and stimulating
BIRCH - detox and antioxidant
HORSETAIL - elasticizing and remineralizing
SAGE - anti-aging and nourishing
Thanks to the low ammonia concentration, the carriers and the color precursors used, Color-ton uniforms itself in a stable way, giving shine, softness and manageability.

Hair Care
Roma, Italia
Tocco Magico is an Italian manufacturer of professional hair products since 1938. “ The first Italian company in the TRICOLOGICAL cosmetics aimed at the professional market , ToccoMagico designs and produces high quality hair products. ”