Cellulite is a phenomenon effect of a disturbance in the metabolism of the subcutaneous connectival tissue which develops fibro- edematous phenomena, thus the most proper denomination should be subcutaneous geloid fibro- edema. Cellulite may appear in three different forms, each one having specific peculiarities: area diffused cellulite – localized cellulite - general cellulite The area diffused cellulite is the most common cellulite type ( 60% ) and is recognizable in three types: TYPE A: Affecting the lower body half, most exactly hips, knees, calves and ankles. TYPE B: Affecting thighs, hips and glutei, causing a quite characteristic body shape. TYPE C : Is the most common type and, because affecting the whole lower body half, may be said to be equal to A+B types. Localized cellulite, which represents a 20% percentage of all cellulite cases, begins when well defined cellulite nodules appear, mainly on face, in the eye-bone areas, on the nape of the neck, bust, breasts, abdomen, back and basin joints, most frequently in women who do not suffer of obesity. Generalized cellulite, which represent the last 20%, hits both the lower and the upper body half and affect women prone to obesity and those used to follow a non-balanced diet, especially rich in sugars and farinaceous.
The tissue relaxation , on the other side, is a phenomena which occurs in particular on the epidermis superficial layer, making it flabby and wrinkly. This is mainly due to sensitive liquid losses and consequential elastin and collagen decrease. The aim of a tonifying product is to act specifically on the superficial marks, aiding the water retention and thus reactivating the elastin and collagen functionality.

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