PHOTO-DAMAGES INCURRED WITH UV EXPOSURE: UV exposure can lead to inflammatory reactions ( sunburn ), tissue alteration( premature or photo ageing ) and even genetic mutation ( skin cancer ). It is also to be underlined that radiation is responsible for 80% of face aging. The damage of UV radiation on the skin accumulates over the years causing:
• IRREGULAR PIGMENTATION: with age and UV-exposure, distribution of melanocytes, producing the melanin pigment, becomes irregular and clustered. Hyper-pigmented zones appear.
• LOSS IN SKIN FIRMESS AND ELASTICITY: UVA rays may even reach down to the upper dermis. There they can harm components such as collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the skin's resilience and elasticity, and trigger wrinkle formation. HELIO C line has been developed with special regard to people wishing to join leisure activities that take place outdoors ( not only during summer time, ) thus requiring a very special skin-care formulation, able to minimize UV related health hazards. It is also perfectly suitable to countries with hot/sunny climates, for the whole year round.

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