The face, both that of women and that of men, is our business card, the most visible part of the body but also the only one capable of communicating to others emotions and moods. For this reason, it is always important to take care of it, ensuring a nice, pleasant and fresh look. Although in man roughness and lines of expression tend to appear later in life comparing to women, man's skin is still subject to strong stress, such as shaving and the irritation that often follows. Men, especially the younger ones, also tend to have a greater acne presence. Regular and constant care is therefore essential in men at least as much as in women.

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ROMA, Italia
Founded in year 1971, our company is independently owned and operated, shareholders of our Group are 100% the founders’ family members: 4 generations enterely focused on developing niche products, tailor-made solutions which can really match each individual's necessity, unique Made in Italy masterpieces. We always look after the best quality: green formulations, inspired by the botanical world, with a mash up of long-years technical knowledge and experience.