Intolerant, sensitive skin trends to be much more reactive than a normal skin, and is as such said to be “hyper-reactive”. It experiences a tingling feeling, redness, itching or other discomforts. One of the most new and exciting ingredient now available to treat this skin type is the OMEGA BLUE, a new soothing agent extracted from arctic bilberry, a blessing coming from the uncontaminated boreal forests. Omega Blue provides a soothing effect and improves skin hydration and integrity. It protects against acute and chronic skin damage. It contains se bum-like essential fatty acids forming a protective barrier from external agents.It is an optimal source of linolenic acid and linoleic acid and has an optimal omega-6/omega-3 ratio. It fully qualifies as an ideal ingredient to prevent dryness, irritation, desquamation and other disorders caused by lipidic barrier damage.

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