HINA ROME brand represents not a line of products, but a lifestyle. All items are produced in a sustainable way, in a limited edition in small batches by Made in Italy master craftsmen, expert formulators with over fifty years of experience.
The packaging is absolutely minimalist and no-frills, designed only to protect the product during its journey. What is not there, does not cost, in fact the packaging of HINA ROME products does not affect the price, the buyer only pays for what he really uses - the content, not the container. Hina Rome is therefore addressed to a conscious user, respectful of the environment and aware of unnecessary waste of precious resources. The brand begins its adventure with the EARTH collection, 8 skin-care products of the highest quality, dermatologically tested, strictly not on animals, formulated with green ingredients, packaged in glass jars, equipped with an aluminum closure, protected by a recycled cardboard. The labels are also made of paper and printed with water-based inks. All therefore totally recyclable and reusable over and over again.

Body Care Personal Care Skin Care Sun Care Toiletries/Soap, Bath & Shower Products
ROMA, Italia
Founded in year 1971, our company is independently owned and operated, shareholders of our Group are 100% the founders’ family members: 4 generations enterely focused on developing niche products, tailor-made solutions which can really match each individual's necessity, unique Made in Italy masterpieces. We always look after the best quality: green formulations, inspired by the botanical world, with a mash up of long-years technical knowledge and experience.