Long-lasting professional treatments with keratin, for straight lines or curls that are finally manageable. The art of “frizz-free” begins in the salon with the right treatment to choose from: long-lasting crease, smooth without frizz, curl without frizz, perfect smoothness. And it is completed with home maintenance products for hair that is finally manageable for up to three months. Professional formula.

Hair Care
VERONA, Italia
The project of Emsibeth was born in 2001 in Verona, from a shared idea of a group of friends entrepreneurs, to create a company where values were the inspiring mindset: respect, reliability, loyalty, honesty, attention to the needs of the consumer and the market. The women and men of Emsibeth offer, to those who believe in the same values and want to improve themselves, solutions to differentiate themselves, high-level training, technologies to support the growth of the salon, business development solutions. Each service is created to support the company's core business: the professional product, 100% Made in Italy. Every need of the hairdresser and of the final consumer is satisfied thanks to out 4 brands.