It contains:
Argan oil: it nourishes the hair and makes it shiny
Chestnut extract: developed for hair care, obtained from 100% Italian-grown, organic chestnuts, it nourishes and repairs damaged hair, retaining moisture to leave hair hydrated and healthy-looking.
complex of avocado oil and phytosterols: it hydrates and nourishes in depth. On the lengths, it has an invigorating, strengthening, softening action. It effectively repairs damaged hair and brightens dry hair;
phytocomplex based on apple, lemon, grape and wheat bran: it improves the brightness of the hair thanks to its anti-limescale and anti-salt effect. It also protects dyed hair, sealing the hair cuticles avoiding the hair colorants fade away
sodium PCA: sodium salt of pyrrolidinecarboxylic acid has exceptional moisturizing properties and it is found naturally in the composition of the skin moisturizing factor (Natural Moisturizing Factor). Its amino acid structure gives it both the ability to bind and retain water, thanks to the presence of hydrophilic functional groups, and conditioning, thanks to the presence of negative charges that interact with the positive charges present on the hair proteins;
unsaponifiable from olive: coming from the fruit of the olive tree, the unsaponifiable, is rich in vegetable squalene, tocopherols and carotenes, it is appreciated for its known softening, sebum-restoring, repairing and emollient properties on dry, fine, dehydrated hair, dry ends or hair damaged with split ends;
natural vitamin E: nourishing and antioxidant.
How to use:
Apply a small amount of product on the whole length of the hair, comb and rinse abundantly.

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