The All in One Restructuring Hair Parfume - Acqua Degli Angeli takes care of thin and damaged hair.
Thanks to the active ingredients of Dionic Urtica and the innovative Advanced Reconstruction System by Danny Wonker, acts on scalp and lengths, reconstructing delicate and brittle hair.
Its strengthening action gives strength to the hair, while the volumizing action promotes growth thanks to the Phyto complex of Urtica Dionica and B vitamins (B1, B6, B12).
The detangling action acts on the knots for healthy and strong hair.

In contact with water at the time of washing, it creates a mixture that envelops the hair, repairing the hair fibre’s micro-fractures.

Hair Care Perfumery Personal Care
PADOVA, Italia
BEAUTY IS HOW YOU FEEL: this is why Danny Wonker’s philosophy works to create a product that allows people to take care of their hair and, at the same time, to match the fragrance to their needs and emotions. Discover the innovative reconstruction system by DANNY WONKER.