B.EASY IS AN EXCLUSIVE LINE AIMED TO CREATE A TAILOR MADE PRODUCT, ADAPTABLE TO EACH USER'S DIFFERENT SKIN NECESSITIES. Encouraging consumers to enjoy a unique sensorial experience while creating their own skincare regimen. Approach the cosmetic market differently, creating a series of Tailor-Made solutions for everyone's personal needs by fragmenting the actual form of a finished skin-care product, offering to the end user directly its main constituents : EMULSION ( or base ), ACTIVE INGREDIENTS and ( optional ) the FRAGRANCE .


Body Care Personal Care Skin Care Sun Care Toiletries/Soap, Bath & Shower Products
ROMA, Italia
Founded in year 1971, our company is independently owned and operated, shareholders of our Group are 100% the founders’ family members: 4 generations enterely focused on developing niche products, tailor-made solutions which can really match each individual's necessity, unique Made in Italy masterpieces. We always look after the best quality: green formulations, inspired by the botanical world, with a mash up of long-years technical knowledge and experience.