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The value of our cosmetics lies in the choice of raw materials of the highest quality

Choices, cosm-ethics and good vibes. By "good vibes only", we do not mean positivity in general, but the positive vibrations generated by what we do and that have a beneficial impact on us. Positive energy is tangible: we perceive it through the touch of a person, the feeling of the sun on our face, or the energy we feel when we take time for ourselves. As inventor Nikola Tesla put it: " If you want to discover the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
The quality of raw materials and the way they are processed send good vibes to our products. Their quality has remained unchanged through time because of our determination to obtain the absolute best: this is the ambitious project we have been carrying out for 64 years.

All our formulations respect Humans and Nature. This principle is the main driver of any business choice we make – be it the most important or an apparently minor one. We always start from the assumption that cosmetics nurture skin in the true sense of the word. Skin absorbs them; therefore, they must not contain harmful ingredients but convey a feeling of pleasure to those who use them. Otherwise, we would completely miss the mark.
Our concern for well-being and, more broadly, for people, is deeply rooted in our cosm-ethics and touches our business every step of the way: from the point of harvest of raw materials down to our manufacturing process. We are not focused exclusively on the goal. We pay attention to what’s going on around us, to understand how to contribute to the improvement of society by involving other people. For example, the olive oil we use comes from Valle del Marro, located in the southern region of Calabria, where Libera Terra reclassifies property confiscated from organized crime: a daring choice made by of young men and women who believe in and are committed to the future of their country. Our raw materials do not travel far, quite the opposite: some of the flowers we use are zero miles and are grown by a social cooperative that works for the reintegration of people with disabilities into the workforce.

Not only do we formulate high-quality and healthy cosmetic but in everything we do, we respect and care for the world and the people around us. We have opted for mica, a natural mineral used in eye shadows, lipsticks and foundations and extracted from European mines that use non-invasive mining techniques and conduct responsible, worker-friendly and sustainable mining. These choices are very challenging but fully consistent with our philosophy and values.