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Cinisello Balsamo, Italia
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Italcosmetici is an established and acknowledged company in the national and international markets thanks to trusted collaborations with some of the most important brands in the cosmetic industry.
We have been at the service of beauty for the past forty years designing and manufacturing innovative make-up products with high standards of quality, safety and respect for the environment.

We produce all face make-up products (exception made for pencils) and in the last years we are focusing in the development of clean formulas, made with high percentage of natural ingredients, enriched with special active ingredients to satisfy the requests of the new generation of make-up customers, which are increasingly informed and demanding about safety of ingredients used in their cosmetics.

We provide an integrated and tailor-made service to our customers by identifying and positioning new products on their reference markets and supporting them on their path to success.
We can supply our products in BULK / SEMI FINISHED and FULL SERVICE.
In order to guarantee the best quality for your full-service make-up production, we select only packaging suppliers that we trust and have innovative and sustainable solutions.