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It is already a long time since dr. Gaetano Galeppi sr. founded his pharmacy in year 1939. His heirs, son Vito and mostly his wife, Anna Laura Lampa, have not disregarded his legacy: working with passion and devotion to the creation of unique artifacts, by fouding in year 1971 a branch enterely dedicated to the formulation and creation of high quality personal care and skin-care products, under the name of Dr. Lauranne ( from Anna Laura’s own name ) , and in enlarging the family group by exporting to over 20 countries since year 1994. Our company is independently owned and operated, shareholders of our Group are 100% the founders’ family members. We can list now 4 generations enterely focused on developing the founder’s passion and professional ethic, manufacturing niche products which are encountering real needs of real people. We take care of our clients' welfare and satisfaction by offering tailor-made solutions which can really match eash individual's necessity – our motto is: unique products for unique individuals. We are creative and unconventional – if the world goes square, we go round... like our round packaging, which easily shape out from the mass. We are earth-friendly! Our packagings are in glass, aluminum and paper, plastic use is reduced to 5% of the total, and we always take care in using recycled plastic. Following the input of our founders, we always look after the best quality. Our formulations are parabens-free, and free from petrol-by or animal-by ingredients. We are used to get our inspiration from the botanical world, with a mash up of long-years technical knowledge and love for nature. We look for business partners who are looking for unique Made in Italy masterpieces, and wish to distinguish themselves from competition.